Have you ever wondered who you'd turn out to be, if it turned out that you and your class were trapped on an island and your only way to survive would be to off each other? Well...take this Battle Royale quiz and find out! Show off the results to all your friends, though I don't know how much they'll mean to you if you've never seen the movie. ::cough:: (Buy it here if you have a region 3 DVD player, or...if your computer can play DVDs)

1) So how popular were you (are you) in school?

Oh, you know...I don't want to brag but...I had my own fan club.
I don't know, moderate I guess. I had friends.
Popularity? I'm sorry, I have bigger fish to fry.
I can't make the distinction, we're all the same when we die, anyway.
No one likes me, but that's okay, I don't like them.
In my own little "clique" I'm the leader, but I don't stray beyond that.
Popular? Popular? Those back stabbing bitches make fun of me!!
I dunno, everyone seems to know me and like me though :DDD

2) You've just been told you can only survive if you kill off all your class mates, how do you react?

I jog to clear my head and forget about it.
I leave to find the one person I want to see, since I'm probably gonna die anyway.
I load up my gun and wait around for whoever's stupid enough to mess with me.
I go ape shit crazy! I LIVE for this!
I laugh. Ha.
I immediately try to devise a plan of action. We will survive, oh yes, we will survive.
Yay!! Vengeance is at hand!
I focus on helping others, it distracts me from the reality of what I might have to do.

3) You're finally forced to kill, what's your justification for it?

That guy tried to feel me up!
I don't kill, I get killed ._.
Sometimes you have to accept the inevitable.
I like the smell of fear in the morning...
He stabbed me in the butt, once. So he deserved it.
I don't, I'm too busy trying to escape.
I never liked that girl anyway.
It was an accident! Honest!

4) What do you hate most in the world?

Perverted Boys.
Unrequited love.
White flags and peace talks.
Someone trying to take my cookies!
Wearing a collar.
Nooses, bad memories. That's all I'll say.

5) What's your weapon of choice?

A switchblade.
A Motion sensor, it doesn't kill...but it's effective.
A shotgun.
Everything and anything that has a blade or bullets.
A squirt gun.
Hacking, wait...does that count?
A Sickle.
A potlid...yes, a potlid. Scumped again!

6. You're stranded on a deserted island (more or less) and for whatever reason you get to pack for the occasion. What do you bring?

My jogging suit and a towel.
My girlfriend/boyfriend.
A bandana. Gotta have it.
A gun. Birds make great target practice
Cookies. Mm...
My laptop.
A guitar.

7. What do others view you as?

Kind of stuck up, but I don't mind.
Quiet and shy.
Unsympathetic, but they just don't KNOW me.
A psycho. I think, hehe..
A bastard, after all...this is all my fault.
A computer geek. Correction, a cute computer geek.
Vengeful, oh yeah...and a bitch.
Nice, everyone likes me :DDD

8) What's your biggest shortcoming?

I'm a bit hasty in my decisions, a bit too cruel in my punishments.
I'm too forgiving.
People don't know whether to trust me or run from me.
I can never get enough blood.
I have a few screws loose.
I have really bad luck.
I'm a bitch.
I'm too weak, I can't protect people, even though I want to.